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Intermediate Speakout 2nd Edition. Pre-Intermediate Speakout 2nd Edition. Starter Speakout 2nd Edition. Upper-Intermediate Success Success. Advanced Success. Beginner Success. These tasks reflect the real world of business correspondence and will also help those students preparing for business English exams. Models of writing text types are given in the Writing file at the end of the Course Book. Market Leader sets out to provide the maximum support for teachers.

The Business brief section at the beginning of each unit in the Teacher's Resource Book gives an overview of the business topic, covering key terms given in bold, and which can be checked in the Longman Dictionary of Business English and suggesting a list of titles for further reading and information. Authenticity of content One of the principles of the course is that students should deal with as much authentic content as their language level allows.

Authentic reading and listening texts are motivating for students and bring the real world of business into the classroom, increasing students' knowledge of business practice and concepts. Due to its international coverage, the Financial Times has been a rich source of text, video and business information for the course. The case studies present realistic business situations and problems and the communication activities based on them - group discussions, simulations and role plays - serve to enhance the authenticity of the course.

Flexibility of use An essential requirement of business English materials is that they cater for the wide range of needs which students have, including different areas of interest and specialisation, different skills needs and varying amounts of time available to study. Market Leader offers teachers and course planners a unique range of flexible materials to help meet these needs. There are suggestions in this book on how to use the unit material extensively or intensively, with fast-track routes through the units focusing mainly on speaking and listening skills. The lesson notes include suggestions on extending the classwork through the DVD-ROM and photocopiable materials in the Text bank and Resource bank sections of this book.

In addition, this book gives suggestions on how to extend the course using components including the Practice File, the Essential Business Grammar and Usage book, and the Market Leader specialist series, which develops vocabulary and reading skills see Extending the course. A short review of the key language will help.

Language errors can be dealt with at the end.

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Make a record of important errors and give students feedback in a sympathetic and constructive way. Many students expect there to be a correct answer. The teacher can give their own opinion but should stress that there usually is no single 'right' answer. In order to meet their needs, Market Leader provides a wide range of optional extra materials and components to choose from.

Essential Business Grammar and Usage For students needing more work on their grammar, this book provides reference and practice in all the most important areas of business English usage. It is organised into structural and functional sections. The book complements the Language focus sections of the Course Book.

Market Leader specialist titles Many students will need to learn the language of more specialised areas of business English. To provide them with authentic and engaging material, Market Leader includes a range of special-subject books which focus on reading skills and vocabulary development.